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Can demons cross the ocean even though it’s salt water?


ahhh…. that is an excellent question

They can possess humans although we’re 0.15% salt

Saltwater is 3.5% salt so I mean at what point is it Too Much Salt?

I’m gonna need a demon, a spare demon, some salt, a precise scale, water, a trap, and a pool

I’m on it.

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im not crying there’s just overpriced college education in my eye

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Yay 1am in the morning and brain is all tired and foggy! Will I be regretting staying up so late? Will I regret not actually sleeping? Will I regret talking to people? I don’t know but I have a cat and I shall hug him with love and possibly use him as a pillow or will be used as a pillow. And with this I bid thee good night my followers and who ever else reads this random moment for me. 

I totally a ball of confusion and dorkiness right now.